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I am a big fan of Vermont Creamery, as I am of Vermont cheese in general. They put the "art" in artisanal, and their generosity hasn't affected my opinion, because everyone seems to like their cheese. It's true though, that for an open studio and book signing event I shared with Tenaya Darlington, aka Madame Fromage, they sent a box bursting with some of the best goat cheeses one can have. I couldn't help though, holding a few small wheels back, for my studio model stand. I started with this beautiful brainy geotrichum rinded beauty. After a long painting session, this wheel was indulgent bliss.

Better described by Madame Fromage: Carving Bonne Bouche is like cutting into an avocado—I don't want you to think it's thready like chicken, because it's not. It's like pressed wet snow, and then it melts on your tongue and coats your whole mouth, turning it into a chèvre igloo. I sound like I am dreaming this up, but I am sitting here, reader, typing and eating as I so often do. And I tell you, I am experiencing the kind of plushness no sofa can offer."

Ink on paper, ready to frame: image 7x9", matte 11x14"

CountryUnited States
ArtistMike Geno Studio
ProductCheese Portrait Bonne Bouche
ProducerVermont Creamery
Cheese TypeAsh Ripened Style Cheese
Milk TypeCow's Milk

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