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This tangy cheese is from Goat Rodeo farm and dairy, a 130 acre family owned farm located near Pittsburgh in northern Allegheny County of Pennsylvania. I've painted a good amount of cheese portraits from my home state, but this is my first from the western side and boy was it overdue!

Goat Rodeo makes quite a handsome portfolio of cheeses with raw goats milk, as well as some blended goat and cow milk. They also have one of the most fun label designs featuring their logo of a twisting goat, mid-air spinning in a lasso loop with its cowboy hat at risk of flying off.

This delicious model is especially interesting with a nutty but sharp and tangy bite that's nicely paired with Pittsburgh's own Commonplace Coffeehouse's Espresso which gets hand rubbed on each wheel. On this cold wintery day, this coffee coated wedge was the perfect remedy and naturally it made perfect sense to light it just so it would glow and warm me up in my cold studio.

CountryUnited States
ArtistMike Geno Studio
ProductCheese Portrait Cowboy Coffee
ProducerGoat Rodeo
Cheese TypeFlavored Cheese
Milk TypeGoat's Milk

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