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I've been meaning to paint this cheese for over 6 years now! It's the one that stood out most for me, on a warm summer evening enjoying a cheese pairing meal on the lawn at the Birchrun Hill Farm. This pairing was hosted by then visionary cheese monger Paul Lawler and the beloved cheesemaker Sue Miller, while her beautiful cows were looking on from a few feet away. I now consider Sue Miller, and her whole family to be good friends now. We've been through a lot of cheese and laughs together. After over 300 cheese portrait paintings, I still find her cheese as alluring as the first I painted.

This raw milk natural rind semi-soft cheese is earthy, like mushroomy-good with enough tanginess to make some nuanced excitement in your mouth before the grassy finish. It's not fancy, it's just a damn good Pennsylvania farmstead cheese.
CountryUnited States
ArtistMike Geno Studio
ProductCheese Portrait Fat Cat
ProducerBirchrun Hill Farms
Cheese TypeNatural Rind Style Cheese
Milk TypeCow's Milk

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