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This is a fairytale princess of cheese. This washed-rind, semi-firm raw milk cheese aged for 3+ months is a bit of an anomaly in that it was intended to be "Blue Bell" but the entire batch was born a bit more pure, virtually blue-free. I fell in love with this blue-less blue cheese when local new cheesemaker Stefanie, from Valley Milkhouse brought some to my studio. It's made in Berks county, about an hour outside of Philadelphia.

PS: I've since painted a 2nd Valley Milkhouse cheese—Thistle—and I think they'd go great together! Let me know if you'd like both as a pair, and I'd be happy to offer a discount! I think they look cute together!

CountryUnited States
ArtistMike Geno Studio
ProductCheese Portrait Ivory Bell
ProducerValley Milkhouse
Cheese TypeWashed Rind Style Cheese
Milk TypeCow's Milk

Cheese Portraits can ship Monday through Friday and are shipped via USPS Priority Mail. Please recognize that we may need up to 2 weeks for delivery to allow for processing and handling of prints. Orders are shipped 1 - 3 day delivery and are not eligible for expedited shipping.