Cheese Portrait Ledyard
Cheese Portrait Ledyard Cheese Portrait Ledyard Cheese Portrait Ledyard Cheese Portrait Ledyard
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Ledyard, from Meadowood Farms in Cazenovia, New York, is a soft-ripened sheep's milk cheese styled after Robiola. It's hand-wrapped in grape leaves that have been soaked in deep purple—a wheat beer infused with Madison County concord grapes.

I had the pleasure of meeting Veronica Pedraza, the cheese maker, and seized the opportunity to nag her about sending me this beauty to paint. The portrait was a fun challenge, as the leaves added a Baroque element that I embraced fully. The cheese itself started to ooze almost instantly so I had to work quickly. Then I willed myself to eat it as slowly as I could.

Ink on paper, ready to frame: image 8x8", matte 12x12"

CountryUnited States
ArtistMike Geno Studio
ProductCheese Portrait Ledyard
ProducerMeadowood Farms
Cheese TypeSoft Ripened Style Cheese
Milk TypeCow's Milk

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