Cheese Portrait Sneek
Cheese Portrait Sneek Cheese Portrait Sneek
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This aged Gouda is a glorious, magical experience best compared to a multi-layered nirvana of flavor. Mike Banstra from Frisian Farms sent me a special cheese he describes as his "thousand day Gouda" aged densely with sharp and sweet notes in a crystalized texture that makes you feel like royalty. Surely not many people in the world get THIS. It's impressive and exciting that L'Amuse Gouda has it's American counterpart. 

Frisian Farms is the results of brothers Jason and Mike Banstra getting back into the old family [dairy] business in Leighton, Iowa. Influenced by their Dutch heritage and community, gouda seemed the natural choice for the cheese to make. "Seek is named after a Dutch town in the province of South-Holland. They learned directly from a Dutch cheesemaker they invited to the farm, to get to the authentic level of perfection of process that makes this so good.

I contacted them via their website to see if I could get their help, adding Iowa to the #cheesemap . Mike called me directly and helped prove what I keep learning over and over: dairy farmers and cheesemakers are such GREAT people! To generously send me a quarter of a wheel that he aged nearly 3 yrs from an operation that's only been at it for around 6 yrs, is quite a gift. Not ea$y to pull off.

Archival ink on paper, image 8x8", matte 12x12"

CountryUnited States
ArtistMike Geno Studio
ProductCheese Portrait Sneek
ProducerFrisian Farms
Cheese TypeGouda Cheese style
Milk TypeCow

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