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Folly's Lillian Alpine Cut in Half | Revittle Folly's Lillian Alpine Wedges | Revittle Folly's Lillian Alpine being scrubbed during the aging process | Revittle Folly's Lillian Alpine held in the arms of a girl | Revittle

Comes in approx. 8 oz piece.

Folly Cheese Company's inaugural cheese!

This cheese is modeled after many of the Swiss-French alpine style cheeses which are the driving factor for the owners of Folly Cheese Company to get into cheesemaking.

This little baby is nutty and  firm but with a slightly longer texture. It has a fatty body and some acidity that cleans up for that next bite. Folly uses Organic Jersey Milk to make this full fat cheese and age it for 4 to 6 months tasting along the way while we wash and age in the caves.

Older pieces may develop some lactic acid "crunchies" which we absolutely adore. These are signs of a perfectly aged cheese.


CountyMarin County
ProducerFolly Cheese Company
ProductLillian Alpine
TypeAlpine Style Cheese
AgingAged 4 - 6 Months
Production MethodsFamily Farm
Production MethodsOrganic Jersey Cows's Milk

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