Parish Hill Creamery Cornerstone

8 oz Cut fulfilled from our Market Stand

The Cornerstone Original Project: Four cheesemakers made the same cheese, or did they? What happens when we all follow one recipe, each use our own native cultures, use the same forms, and encourage wild rinds? In response to the ACS Judging Committee’s call for American Original cheeses, we hatched a plan to develop an approach to cheesemaking that demonstrates the elemental nature of the raw milk. By limiting the input variables, we allow the raw milk to determine the nuances of texture and flavor unique to each of our Cornerstones. The result is a cheese that is connected to the land that produced it and an experiment in the creation of a new American original.

CountyWindham County
ProducerParish Hill Creamery
TypeAmerican Original Cheese
AgingAged 6 Months
Production MethodsMilk from Elm Lea Farm
Production MethodsAnimal Rennet
Production MethodsRaw Milk
Production MethodsCow's Milk

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