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Parma Brand Rustico Salami is akin to the ultimate faithful friend. It is a staple in life that never disappoints. Rustico is a 100% authentic Italian meat. It is made from the highest quality pork, a closely guarded family recipe of seasonings selected to compliment the meat, and a liberal amount of red wine with plenty of extra garlic. Since 1954 this salami has been part of the artisanal meat culture in the Strip District of Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania. Home to world champion sports teams, Pittsburgh is also home to old-world style world class Parma Brand traditional Italian meats. The Rustico has a medium grind, packed in a small 8oz. package, and while the spices are mild, it is bursting with enormous flavor. Rustico refers to a simple country life and the flavor of Parma Brand Rustico Salami reflects that tradition.

Rustico Salami is best just sliced and served with cheese on an antipasto platter. It holds its own on a charcuterie board served anytime but especially delicious during a big game. It also adds delicious flavor to Italian Subs and Hoagies. The taste and aroma tease your senses with red wine and garlic evocative of a big Italian country kitchen.

Just like a best friend, Rustico Salami has a long shelf life. It can be stored in your refrigerator (or a cool, dry place) in original sealed packaging for up to 6 months. Once opened, simply slice the amount you need, then reseal and store in your refrigerator for 180+ days.

Ingredients: Pork, Salt, Wine, Dextrose, Flavorings, Garlic, Lactic Acid Starter Culture, Sodium Nitrite

Allergen Info: Contains No Known Allergens

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