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This bright flavored blue cheese was created for Gourmet Foods International, "GFI" a large specialty foods provider based in Atlanta. It celebrates Blind Willie McTell, who originally wrote and performed Statesboro Blues, and later made more famous by the Alman Brothers. Statesboro Blue is a 75 day cave-aged blue from cows milk that is beautifully balanced with a pleasant slightly tangy but not too sharp flavor with fruity undertones.

I couldn't stop eating this while I was painting it; fortunately GFI sent me a whole wheel! It's especially great with a tart apple for a cheese painter's studio lunch.

Ink on paper, ready to frame: image 8x8", matte 12x12"

CountryUnited States
ArtistMike Geno Studio
ProductCheese Portrait Statesboro
Cheese TypeBlue Style Cheese
Milk TypeCow

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