Tomales Atika
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8 oz Piece

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Atika, named for the Miwok word for "two," blends farmstead goat and sheep milk into a firm wheel that boasts a beautiful, natural, brushed rind. The flavor profile is gentle, with flavors of nuts and grass, and a richness from the sheep's milk after being aged 4-5 months. 

2018 American Cheese Society 2nd Place winner for Washed Rind Cheeses

CountyMarin County
ProducerTomales Farmstead Creamery
TypeWashed Rind
Aging4 Months
Production MethodsFamily Farm
Milk TypeSheep and Goat

Our partners are farmstead cheese making professionals using old world techniques and recipes. Your cheese is hand picked and shipped from the farmer’s cave to your door. To ensure the quality of the cheese during delivery, our partners will only ship Monday through Wednesday with 1 - 2 day delivery.